Why Can't You Stay

Meredith Marshall

You took me home for a night now
I thought you needed me
If I had only known
You set me free
You’re in and out of my life now
I never know for sure
Are we friends or lovers, I need to know

*Why can't you stay
Did I come on too fast
Tell me away
I can make this love last
Why can't you stay, with me everyday
Why can't you stay, ay, ay

I want a love for a lifetime
Not just another day
You are the only one now
That could make me feel this way
I know you're all that matters
That's why I have to say
You can tell me now, I need to know

All right now

Написана в мае-июне 1989, группой на концертах не исполнялась. Единственный раз исполнена 11 сентября 1991 Артуром Беркутом и группой Bishops в эфире программы "Into The Night" телеканала ABC.