Tear Down The Border

OK, you got me. From the title cover I though that this could be good story about dissolution of CCCP. Sadly, only thing which is happening is average rock and not much more. Only thing keeping me from giving this one star is that one star is deserved for extremely horrible things and this is not the case, this is just grey average without any suprising moments.

Title track "Tear the Border" is quite a melodic one with parts sung in Russian language (is it?), next track "How Can I..." has saxophone inside. But that's just not enough. I'm very disappointed by mediocrisity of this album. It has not interesting moment for me, almost no reason to listen to it (except when I ... no, there is even no exception).

Big mistake in their music. Could be so great, so far it's just appaling. 2 stars.

Review by Marty McFly
Special Collaborator Prog Metal Team

August 15, 2009