How Can I Call It Love

Meredith Marshall

All you are is still a mystery to me
All I know is that I love what I see
Here I am ready to learn
I will find a way to win your heart, I can feel it
Whispers soft, I feel your breath on my face
Burns my soul, though my skin shows no trace
You smile and I feel the sweet ache
I know I was meant to be with you, I can feel it

*How can I call it love
It's much more than I'm feelin'
Living and breathing
How can I call it love
Just a word, a token
Can't explain the way I feel

Your words, every one like a prayer
My heart don't know how I can bare
To leave you, even just for a day
Or two, and it's all that I can do
To keep from running back to you

How can I call it love, oh, how can I call it love


Написана в мае-июне 1989, группой на концертах не исполнялась.