Coming Back To Find You

Meredith Marshall

Out in the distance
It's smoking melody
Whispers sound the wind
Still playing softly
It wakes in memory
Echoes of love
Time, never could take you away
But now I know you're to stay

Deep in the music
Can it be your voice
Or Just a siren song
Of burried memories
Crying in vain
Time, it's telling me your half is through
Until there's just one thing to do

*I'm coming back to find you
With every heartbeat
Coming back to find your love
And I won't stop 'til I find you
Long as my heartbeats
My love is coming back to you

Don't wait forever
'cause I won't take forever
Coming back to your love
Don't wait forever
Don't ever doubt my love

Out in the distance
That smoking melody
Warms me right through
And seeing you softly
I have the harmony
Echoes of you
Time, is all that I need from you
There's still so much for us to do


Coming back to find you
Coming back to find you...

Написана в зимой 1988, переработана для американского рынка в июне 1989, группой на концертах не исполнялась.