Russian rock bands a bit

The first Soviet rock musicians ever to perform in Britain brought Soviet diplomats and English fans to their feet at a "Russian Gala" concert with a foot-stomping rendition of the Beatles hit Back In the U.S.S.R. Soviet listeners appeared enthralled by the groups Autograph and Dialogue, which performed Friday and Saturday in London's Hammersmith Odeon hall. Autograph, one of the Soviet Union's leading bands, is best-known abroad for its participation in the 1985 Live Aid concert, which raised millions of dollars for famine relief in Africa. The five-member group has toured Eastern Europe and seven Western , countries, including Canada and France, this year. The lesser-known group Dialogue is based in Siberia. Most of the first six rows were filled Friday night by young Soviet diplomats, some In their 20s with fashionably dressed wives, and teen-agers. They stood and clapped their hands in the air for both groups. Some teen-agers rushed to the front of the stage or stood In the aisles, singing along with the Russian lyrics.

12 July 1987
The Indianapolis Star