The V-project

Lost Demos

Сборник демо-записей.

Запись: Clearlake Audio, 1992; The Blast House, 1995-2001. 10 треков

Общая продолжительность: 49' 38"

Дата релиза: 2001

The V-project

Lost Demos

2001 | CD | DMV Music

  1. Only Friend (5:50)
    (McAuley/Vaccaro/Post) © 95
  2. I'm Feeling It Now (4:03)
    (McAuley/Vaccaro/Post) © 95
  3. The Good Times (4:51)
    (McAuley/Vaccaro) © 97
  4. Can't Wait Any Longer (4:55)
    (McAuley/Vaccaro/Post) © 95
  5. Be There For You (5:05)
    (McAuley/Vaccaro) © 97
  6. When I'm Drunk (3:35)
    (McAuley/Vaccaro) © 01
  7. Couple Deville (3:34)
    (Vaccaro/Post/Gresham) © 01
  8. Trippin' Away (4:45)
    (Post/Vaccaro) © 01
  9. All Over Again (4:48)
    (Post/Vaccaro) © 93
  10. Rattle Your Cage (3:45)
    (Micheev/Vaccaro/Krasn) © 92

All Electric Guitars, 6 & 12 string Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drum Programming by David Vaccardo.
Additional 12 string Acoustic Guitar on Trappin Away and All Over Again by Christopher Post.
Vocals on Only Friend, I'm Feelin It Now, The Good Times, Can't Wait Any Longer, Be there For You, and When I'm Drunk by Robin McAuley.
Backing vocals on When I'm Drunk by Robin McAuley, David Vaccaro and Christopher Post.
Vocals on Couple Deville by Dennis Gresham. Backing Vocal on Couple Deville by Christopher Post.
Vocals on Trippin Away and All Over Again by Christopher Post.
Vocal on Rattle Your Cage by James Christian. Vocal arrangement on Rattle Your Cage by Arthur Micheev.
Backing vocals on Rattle Your Cage by Arthur Micheev. Words on Rattle Your Cage by Nancy Krasn.
Saxophone solos on Be There For You by Jim Snodgrass and Nalki Tanaguchi. Keyboards on Be There For You by David Vaccaro.

Artwork concept, design and illustrations by David Vaccaro

Produced by David Vaccaro

Tracks 1-9 originally recorded and engineered by David Vaccaro at The Blast House, North Hills, CA
Tracks 1-9 remixed by John Ellis and David Vaccaro at Prism Sound Recording Studios, Action, MA

Track 10 Recorded at Clearlake Audio, North Hollywood, CA
Engineered by Barry Keenan and Brian Levi.
Mixed by Marc DeSisto and David Vaccaro at Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA

CD Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southboro, MA

James Christian was a friend of Nancy Krasn. Nancy wrote the words to the song that James sings on the Lost Demos CD called, Rattle Your Cage. The original vocalist on the song however was Arthur Micheev formerly of the Soviet band Avtograph. Arthur and I had already cut a demo of Rattle Your Cage with a band we were doing called Siberia. Arthur's Russian accent was pretty strong on that demo.

Nancy, in the mean time, was shopping the song to people she knew. A music supervisor doing an HBO production heard the song and wanted to use it on the soundtrack. He asked that the lead vocal be rerecorded.

Nancy and I went into the studio and pulled Arthur's lead vocal and replaced it with James. Having James on the track was just a lucky break. The first singer who was hired just wasn't right for the song. As a last minute effort to save the recording session, Nancy said she could call another singer friend, James Christian.

As luck would have it, he was home and offered to help out. 2 hours later, all done.

David Vaccaro