Stone Land

2001 | CD | Musea FGBG 4390.AR

  1. The City - 4'03
  2. Oh, My Boy - 4'23
    (Autograph - S. Patrushev)
  3. I Need You - 5'30
    (Autograph - V. Mikhalin)
  4. Stranger - 5'30
    (Autograph - S. Patrushev)
  5. Demon - 4'40
  6. The Bell - 4'23
  7. Master - 5'20
  8. Stone - 4'23
    (Autograph - S. Patrushev)
  9. Amour - 4'48
    (V. Mikhalin & A. Mikheyev - S. Patrushev)
  10. World Inside - 5'19
    (A. Sitkovetsky - M. Pushkina)
  • Total Time - 48'13
  • MUSEA - Produtcion & Distribution
  • 138 rue de Vallieres, 57070 Metz, France
  • 1989 Melodiya Records - © 2001 Musea

Recorded in 1989 - 1990

Alexander SITKOVETSKY: guitars
Leonid GUTKIN: bass guitars
Arthur BERKUT: vocals
Sergei MAZAEV: vocals & saxophone
Vickor MIKHALIN: drums & programming
Produced by Rouslan VALONEN and AUTOGRAPH
Produced by Allen ROY SCOTT and Michael McDONALD
Recorded in Trax Studios, Los Angeles, California
Recording engineers: I. ZAMARAEV & R. VALONEN
Assistant: I. EVDOKIMOV
Cover design by V. KOVRIGINA

The band was formed in 1979. The first single (1980) sold more than a million copies. The first album (1985) was called "Autograph" and sold about four million copies. The band won prizes at the most significant and popular festivals and competitions of the country. They toured more than 150 cities in the USSR.

In 1985 the band was invited to take part in the global Live Aid For Africa show by Bob GELDOF. AUTOGRAPH toured and participated in the festivals all over the world, including all Eastern Block countries, as well as the USA, Canada, England, France, Western Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Finland.

In Canada the band opened for CHICAGO, in France played with SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE JUKES, John McLAUGHLIN and Murray HEAD. On the 4th of July 1987, AUTOGRAPH took part in the historical USSR/USA Rock'N'Roll Summit in Moscow, together with James TAYLOR, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and SANTANA.

In August 1987, the band won the second prize of the International Music Festival in Sopot (Poland).

In 1989, the second album "Stone Land" was released. It climbed up the charts very well. AUTOGRAPH extends its gratitude to everyone participating in making this CD:
- Recording engineer Igor ZAMARAEV, who has done everything possible.
- Poet Sergei PATRUCHEV, Sergei RYLEVEV and Ivan EVDOKImOV for their help in programming and recording.
- Employees of the Moscow Youth Palace, the Melodiya company and the technical group of AUTOGRAPH..
Special thanks to Mary BACKER and Camille FIELDING for their constant support and faith in us..
And also to: Dan SMITH (Fender), Remo BALLY (Remo), Michael MORSE (Zildjian), Vic FERSE and John MASSELMAN (Yanagisawa).

4 марта 2002 году французская фирма "Musea", специализирующаяся на арт-роке, переиздала компакт-диск, выпущенный на "Мелодии".